Design Windows is delighted to help get the voices of local Anti-Bullying ambassadors heard on the international stage via sponsorship!

Sticks ‘n Stones is a youth led movement formed in Central Otago in 2013 as a way for young people to take positive action, online and off, to stop bullying. They now have over 120 young people aged from 11-19 standing up to make a difference across five Secondary schools and more than five Primary schools. These young people are passionate ambassadors determined to change attitudes around bullying and they work incredibly hard to make a difference.

Sticks ‘N Stones have had some great success since they formed, developing partnerships with companies like Google and Facebook; running local, regional and national events; working with government agencies and amazing not for profit groups like Youthline and Rainbow Youth. They have created videos, posters, pamphlets, stickers, stationery, workshops for young people and workshops for parents and community members as well as creating their own card game with an app to come in 2016.

They have also been recognised with awards including receiving the runner up award at the 2015 National Trustpower Community Awards and this year received the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association’s Cybersmart award. They will be presented with this award at the No 2 Bullying Conference on the Gold Coast in April where as well as presenting a workshop, they will also be presenting to hundreds of delegates at the conference dinner which is a daunting but exciting opportunity.
In addition, they have been invited to present at the international ‘Bullies, Bullied and Bystanders’ Conference in Dublin in June. It is unusual for a student led group to be offered the opportunity to present at these conferences.

In addition, Sticks ‘N Stones are also raising money to hold a programme in Central Otago for up to 40 vulnerable young people who have suffered from bullying to develop self-esteem, resilience and strategies for moving forward positively. This is run by the ‘Discovery Foundation’ a registered charity that exists to give young people the skills, tools and strategies to enable them to get the best out of life and importantly, to deal effectively with life’s challenges. Sticks ‘N Stones believe this could make a real difference and positively impact their lives.

Further information can be found online at or

Sticks ‘N Stones are also excited by their expansion in 2016, as they start groups in Dunedin and also up in Auckland. Hopefully this signals the opportunity for them to continue to grow NZ wide.

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