Fixed Louvre Screens Vertical aluminium louvres work well with contemporary architecture. These louvre screens are fixed in a vertical orientation, allowing the view to be retained in one direction whilst retaining privacy from the other way. Vertical louvres work great as privacy screens on your deck, pergola or gazebo, or on residential and commercial buildings.

Adjustable Louvre Screens Louvre screens can be manually adjustable to moderate the breeze and light as well as acting as a privacy screen or balustrade. Configuration can be either vertical or horizontal depending on preference and situation. They are the perfect addition to an outdoor room, deck of gazebo allowing you to control the light and breeze creating a sheltered space, while still retaining views.

Window Louvre Screens Aluminium louvres outside windows allow the light to be controlled whilst also providing privacy. Operable, end fixed or bracket fixed options are available. They are the most effective at controlling low light angles and heat gain on the eastern and western faces of buildings.

Louvre screens are a fantastic option in commercial settings for screening cooling towers, ventilation screens to plant rooms, car park spaces and basement areas. Commercial louvres are popular on a wide range of commercial buildings from glass-fronted offices to hotels, schools and warehouses. They have great aesthetic appeal and offer other benefits such as creating shade while still allowing for natural light and views. Locarno Louvres are able to be customised to suit your building offering great design and comfort.

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