The Charleston Underworld Adventure Centre is an architectural marvel, designed for owner Geoff Schurr by his Son, by up & coming architect Crispin Schurr. The building is utilised as both café & head quarters of an Adventure tourism company.

It’s core structure consists of a rounded cinder block wall, steel I beam portals and poured concrete basement. Flush glazing curtain walls surround the café & mezzanine floor enclosing large open spaces.

The basement area closed in by Architectural series doors and roof glazing creates a warm well lit work area and plant room.

Following the intricate passageways, up the rounded stairwells leads to the 4th floor viewing platform, jumping off the side, to practice your abseiling before heading out doors for a tour.


  • Altherm Commercial 135mm Flush Glaze System
  • Altherm 158mm Architectural Series
  • Altherm Overhead Glazing Systems
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