This house is a carefully considered family home that provides an achievable model of a sustainable suburban house. The scope of project was to create an airtight construction thermally efficient home along the lines of a passive design.

The ‘T’ shape house plan creates three distinct courtyards providing outdoor spaces in each direction, so regardless of wind direction, there is a sheltered outdoor option. The sliding doors onto the outdoor living spaces have over-wall sliders and rebated sills for level access.

The mono-pitch roof, lifting to the north, with high set aluminium windows allows in natural light as well as the breeze in summer to flow across the kitchen to the remainder of the house and also offering the suns warmth in winter.

The use of Thermal Heart windows and doors means that the aluminium frames have a thermal break reducing condensation and combined with double glazing featuring Low E and Argon Gas heat loss has been reduced by more than 50%.

This house demonstrates that sustainability can be achieved on a more modest budget. Both form and detail respond to the environment, providing a comfortable and healthy home.


  • Altherm Residential Thermal Heart series joinery
  • APL Architectural over-wall sliders
  • Altherm Powdercoat of Metropolis Coal Dust
  • Metro GlassTech Low E & Argon gas filled double glazing
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