This stunning architecturally designed home was built by David Reid Homes (Southern Lakes) Ltd and shows what we can achieve. Our client wanted the ‘wow’ factor in aluminium joinery. To achieve this we incorporated three suites of products to maximise the stunning views, performance and modern clean lines. This house looks just as good in the evening as it does during the day!

APL Architectural joinery greets at the entry, Metro opens up the outdoor living and Altherm residential took care of the rest. Icon stainless steel hardware was a must to finish off the windows and doors throughout this classy home.

This home works hard to achieve a comfortable temperature inside. Altherm Thermal Heart and double glazing was chosen throughout the house to protect against the cold temperatures of the deep south. While the winters are cold the summers are also long and hot. The Westerly facing sliding doors and windows have been green tinted to help reduce glare and heat entry.


  • APL Architectural Series
  • Metro Series
  • Altherm Residential
  • Altherm Thermal Heart
  • Altherm Plasma Entry Door
  • Green tint double glazing
  • Icon Hardware
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