This David Reid show home situated at the foot of the Remarkables, enjoys great sun and views all year round thanks to the large windows and doors.

With great product selection, David Reid Homes Queenstown is right on board with the ‘thermal envelope’ so as soon as the new Low-E double glazing glass options were released, they were keen to incorporate them into their new show home, along with our trusted thermal range, ThermalHeart.

The large living room raker window reaches 3.2m high at the apex and 2.4m in width, it is a real feature of the room allowing for amazing views. The glazing for the raker window was specified by Metro to be 10mm toughened inside and out with grey tint and Low-E Xcel.

This was a fantastic project to be involved in. Visitors to this showhome get to see and appreciate an amazing home boasting high quality, thermally efficient windows and doors on a daily basis.


  • Metro ThermalHeart
  • Altherm Residential ThermalHeart
  • Gib adaptors for the linings return into one window seamlessly over the massive 200mm & Poly block walls
  • Low-E Xcel double glazing with grey tint to northern elevations
  • Powdercoated Metro Coal Dust
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