Designed by The Buchan Group and built by Naylor Love Construction, this was one of the first new builds in central Christchurch.

819 Colombo Street has a striking design with seemingly irregular angled sliding windows protruding through the differing thicknesses of cedar cladding. Endless glass flush glazing wraps the building at street level, holding the doorway portals captive.

An impressive one-piece clear story window flows around the corner of Colombo and Peterborough St, ducking and diving below the encroaching copper ribbon.

Complex flush glazing, which both steps up and down in height as well as around a corner, required careful planning and extremely accurate measuring to ensure a perfect fit for all the windows. Due to time constraints all seemingly random angled windows were measured from string lines and laser point.

A small but complex build with many different materials and aluminium frame types being called for.


  • Altherm Metro Series
  • Altherm Metro Thermal Heart Series
  • Altherm Commercial 100mm Shopfront
  • Altherm Commercial Magnum Doors
  • Altherm Commercial 100mm & 135mm Flush Glaze System
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