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Introducing ThermalHeart+®

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A home loses 35-50% of its heat from its windows and doors!

Introducing ThermalHeart+®, designed and made right here in New Zealand to suit our lifestyle.

ThermalHeart+® is a range of code-meeting, industry-leading, thermally efficient products which significantly reduce the amount of heat which is lost from our homes.

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ThermalHEART®️ frames

Designed and made right here in New Zealand, ThermalHEART® frames deliver almost double the thermal performance of standard aluminium. The polyamide barrier insulates the frame of the window system, separating the warm and cold areas.

With a comprehensive and versatile range of products, clean modern lines and high performance in extreme weather, ThermalHEART® is designed for creating warmer, drier and healthier NZ homes.

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The AGP System®

World class double glazing.

Featuring the ATS-Architectural Thermal Spacer™ which reduces the transfer of hot and cold temperatures. Argon gas which creates a barrier to heat loss, while improving insulation. Solux-E® (Low- E) coating to reduce heat loss in the winter and over-heating in the summer.

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Centrafix™ Installation

The Centrafix™ Installation method prevents cold air from circulating around the frame. The method recesses the joinery into the wall of the building, aligning the insulation elements – wall, window frame, glazing. This is a New Zealand innovation which increases the thermal performance in your home by over 20%.

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Klima Series

Klima Series is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions, based on premium quality Northern Hemisphere design. With outstanding thermal efficiency, they are perfect when winter cold is an important consideration.

Thick, strong profiles are standard, with hidden steel bracing within the frame for shape stability and structural excellence. The Klima Series design features the same facing frame and sash format as standard New Zealand windows, with high quality weather resistance, strength and code compliance in high wind zones. 

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