In New Zealand homes, it is recommended that all windows and doors have double glazing.

Good double glazing offers heat retention while reducing or removing condensation build up in cold weather, significantly improving thermal comfort.

Things to consider when choosing glass

When choosing the glass for your doors and windows there are many things to consider that can impact the comfort of your home. The type of glass used can influence

  • light entry and privacy
  • better thermal control for heat retention or exclusion
  • condensation & draft reduction
  • sound dampening with reduced external noise
  • UV control to reduce glare and fading

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Clear Glass

Clear glass is transparent meaning most UV light and solar heat passes through it. A single pane is economical, but has a high heat loss in winter.

To reduce heat loss Double Glazed clear glass contains a thermally effective air gap between the panes. Double glazed windows and doors offers great heat retention, reduced condensation and reduced external noise, creating a comfortable home.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is designed to significantly reduce solar heat, UV rays and glare. Tinted glass is best suited to windows and doors that face North or West receiving intense summer sun. Tinted glass is available in a number of colours such as grey, blue, bronze and green.

Low E Glass

Low E, or low emissivity glass, lets the suns heat through the glass in your windows and doors but acts like a mirror to prevent it from leaving keeping the heat inside the home. Using a combination of Low E glass and argon gas will ensure you will receive the ultimate insulation performance.

According to the energywise website double glazing with Low E glass cuts heat loss by about 20% to 30%, compared to double glazing without Low E.

Argon Gas

Argon is a naturally occurring inert gas filling used instead of air between the two layers of glass in your windows and doors. Argon gas is denser than air and acts as a great barrier to heat loss, enhancing insulation performance and providing superior thermal properties. Using a combination of Low E glass and Argon gas will ensure you will receive the ultimate insulation performance.

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