Situated in Nelson’s CBD, Lucas House is a ground breaking, new three level commercial building were history meets 21st Century engineering and building requirements. A complex and ambitious design by irving:smith:jack the building incorporates a resilient seismic structural system which allows the structure to ‘re-centre’ following a seismic event. This in turn limits damage and allows early post-earthquake re-occupation.

Gibbons Construction Limited, established in the 1950’s and one of Nelsons oldest construction companies undertook the work, having built the original Lucas House on the same site decades earlier. To commemorate and record this historic fact, the original “Lucas House mosaic” was painstakingly removed and incorporated into the new building.


  • Altherm Commercial 100mm Shopfront
  • Altherm Commercial 135mm Flush Glaze System
  • Altherm Commercial Magnum Doors
  • Altherm Metro Series
  • Locarno Louvres
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