This project was our first with Roger Gilchrist Building Services, we quickly put him at ease that Design Windows could come and perform on such a challenging site. This secluded North Otago four-bedroom home with guest house is built directly on top of a steep cliff. The design of this home was all about creating privacy while maximising the light and stunning bush views.

With some very complex details and multiple racking windows this was a very involved job to measure. The site foreman did an excellent job making measuring such a complex job very enjoyable. This followed through to everything fitting straight into the openings exactly as detailed. Teamwork was paramount to this intricate project running so smoothly.

This light filled home features large raking windows, some double height. Large flush sill sliding doors feature in the living areas onto the multiple sheltered deck areas. All the glazing is Low E Max Double glazing to increase the homes thermal efficiency. The use of Stopsol reflective glass on the expansive glazing minimises the effect that the house has in its natural surroundings reflecting the bush back at you.


  • Altherm Residential Series
  • Metro Series
  • APL Hardware
  • Metro Glass Low-E Max Double Glazing
  • Metro Glass Stopsol
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