Joint Winner of the WANZ 2016 Residential $75,000 - $175,000 Category

This stunning architecturally designed house by local architect Marc Scaife sits majestically overlooking Lake Hayes with picture perfect views over Coronet Peak. Marc is still drawing plans by hand and is great to work with, as are the team from local firm The Nevis Group.

Built on the side of the lake this residence includes multi floor levels and full height aluminium joinery.

Six metre high aluminium windows span from the ground floor through mid floor and through the top ceiling to give the illusion of cedar clad panels. These are spread throughout the dwelling.

Over wall architectural aluminium sliding doors floor to ceiling and wall to wall open both sides of this area to maximise the enjoyment of this space.

Auto opening highlight windows provide ventilation and motorised Locarno Louvres provide shade as required from the hot Central Otago sun.

This was a great job to be involved with. All Design Windows Cromwell staff, designers and other contractors contributing to producing an awesome result. A very proud team indeed.


  • APL Architectural Series
  • Metro Thermal Heart Series
  • Powdercoated in Metro Coal Dust
  • Metro clear glazing
  • Gib receiver detail to reveals
  • Full height aluminium joinery passing though mid floors to the roof line
  • Cedar Breezeway louvres combined both opening and fixed options
  • Large over-sized APL Plasma Entry door
  • Locarno motorized louvres over deck area
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