Energy Efficient Townhouses

The vision behind this project was to maximise the compact 375sqm, steep site with two highly energy efficient. These two townhouses have a modern feel to the exterior and inside feels like you are in a homely cottage.

The buildings fit in well with the surrounding architecture due to the classic gable design and the placement on the section. The striking-coloured feature windows are a standout. These large South facing windows provide panoramic views over the city. Each window has been strategically designed with different colours inside and out. Some windows featuring up to four different colour options. Ordering of the extrusions was particularly difficult due to the multiple different colours. The efficiency of the windows has been achieved through to use of Metro Thermal Heart frames and high performing Low-E Xtreme double glazing including Krypton gas. The use of skylights also helps to fill the internal spaces with natural light.

Windows had to be measured to follow the rake of the roof in the gable ends. The exterior of these windows had a black outer frame, while the mullions, sashes and glazing beads were a different colour. The milling of mullions and cutting in of glazing beads needed additional attention to detail to keep the contrast in colours on a consistent line.

The simple design and dark coloursteel cladding allow the vibrant windows to really make a statement, yet from inside they have a very classic style.

The Windows & Doors

  • Metro ThermalHEART
  • Low-E Xtreme double glazing with Krypton gas
  • Roof Windows
Type: Residential Location: Dunedin Colour: Arctic White, Custom Colour Joinery Type: Altherm Metro Series, ThermalHEART
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