Fairfield Office, Blenheim

This 55m2 Low Energy Certified building is the office of Fairfield Construction in Blenheim. It is the first commercial building in the South Island and also the first building in Marlborough to gain Passive House Institute certification as a Low Energy Building. Designed by local architect Keryn Thompson from KLT Architect with Sustainable Engineering there were many months spent in the planning and designing stage.

To build an innovative office and show room that pushes the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability, aluminium joinery would not do, instead opting for our uPVC joinery range Klima with double glazing. Designed in New Zealand specifically for Kiwi conditions Klima is the ultimate performer when it comes to keeping out the winter cold and withstanding the harshest New Zealand sunlight. Windows and doors made from uPVC have great sustainability credentials and Klima is no different. uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times, the waste from Klima is recycled for use in the piping sector. Fairfield Construction clients have been impressed with how quiet it becomes inside once the windows and doors are closed, no matter the noise outside.

This office features two uPVC French Doors, one as the main access to the building and one onto an outdoor entertaining deck. Three tilt and turn windows showcase the potential of Klima and its ability to also open inwards providing versatile ventilation options with good weather protection. This is all complemented by a fixed uPVC picture window in the office. All the uPVC windows and doors are low-e double glazed. With Klima uPVC windows and doors an interior and exterior colour can be chosen. For this building Klima White was chosen for the interior and Matt Flaxpod for the exterior to compliment the timber cladding.

As a long standing, local family-owned company, the Fairfield team are invested in offering sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. This was a challenging build, with a number of lessons learnt and invaluable experience gained from the process. The Fairfield team can take this knowledge and enthusiasm to share with their future clients and designers.

The Windows & Doors

  • Klima Series uPVC with Aluclip
  • Low-e Xcel Double Glazing
Type: Commercial Location: Nelson Colour: Klima White, Matt Flax Pod Joinery Type: uPVC Klima Series
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