Higher Ground, Scarborough

This stunning home, designed by Christchurch architect Greg Young and built by Hoogervorst Architectural Builders in Ōtautahi, Christchurch, makes the most of the expansive views of the city and the coast.

The site presented several challenges, including a 30-degree gradient, partially unstable ground, and tight planning constraints. However, the architects were able to overcome these challenges and create a home that is both practical and visually striking.

Architect Greg Young said “The windows in the home pushed the boundaries of what is normal for residential aluminium joinery. With exposure to both high winds, and large temperature differentials, the performance of both the aluminium frames, and the associated glazing was critical. Design Windows West Coast worked closely with us to help achieve the aesthetics and performance we required, offering different options to make sure we didn’t need to compromise".

The central pavilion features a wall of custom windows that spans the width of the room, offering unobstructed views of the coast and the Southern Alps. “It’s effectively frameless. You can look at that window from any angle and see through it,” says Grey Young, architect.

The Altherm Metro Series sliding doors connect the living area to the main deck, which is tucked around the side of the home. The doors allow for easy access to the outdoors and offer expansive views of the surrounding landscape. The internal views of the home are also expansive, thanks to the use of floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout the living areas.

The Higher Ground family home is a testament to the expertise of Young Architects and the quality of Design Windows Altherm products. The home is both functional and visually stunning, offering expansive views of the surrounding landscape from every room. The custom windows and doors manufactured by Design Windows West Coast are a key feature of the home, offering unobstructed views.

The Windows & Doors:

  • Metro Series Windows and Doors
  • Urbo Hardware
  • Over-the-wall sliding door
  • Duratec Powdercoat Finish in Matt Black
  • Louvres
  • Low-E Xcel glass
Type: Residential Location: Christchurch Colour: Matt Black Joinery Type: Altherm Metro Series
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