Kaiteriteri Ridge House, Nelson/Tasman

Perched high on a ridge in Kaiteriteri, this home is drenched in sunshine and captures the mesmerizing views of Tasman Bay below. Extensive indoor and outdoor living spaces enable the owners to fully appreciate the beauty of the area while not compromising functionality.  

The home was designed by +MAP Architects to take advantage of the location and the magnificent vistas provided by Tasman Bay. This is highlighted in features such as the terraced garage which has been cleverly built to maximize the site, while providing uninterrupted views. A particularly special feature to note is the raking faceted window which transforms the hallway from a thoroughfare to a viewing area which perfectly picture frames the ocean view. The APL Metro Series has allowed for large spans which provides an abundance of natural light and enables a seamless flow to the multiple outdoor living areas. The black anodized finish flawlessly ties into the exterior cladding. The use of AGP Solux-E argon filled glass ensures that the views are unhindered while also providing a thermally efficient element to the building.

A location as striking as this always comes with challenges and this project was no different. With many different product types used, careful consideration was required to ensure that visual lines were maintained to tie in seamlessly with the vertical cladding system. The complexity of the design required particular attention to detail to ensure that all the elements worked together flawlessly. Crucially, the raking faceted window needed to align perfectly with the building and required collaboration with the builders and  flashing installers to create the intended look, while being perfectly finished.

The fenestration products used in this stunning home enhance the thoughtfully considered design, while effortlessly tying into the building envelope. The design along with the immaculate finish makes this house a standout atop of the ridge in Kaiteriteri. Picturesque views of Tasman Bay no doubt will be enjoyed by all who have the pleasure of visiting this beautiful home.

The Windows & Doors:

  • APL Metro Series
  • High Performance AGP Solux-E Argon filled glass
Type: Residential Location: Nelson Joinery Type: Altherm Metro Series
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