Roof Top Apartment

The vision behind this project was to complete this heritage building by giving it a roof top apartment, with a floating roof. Using the existing building to build on has reduced the impact on the environment and given a new feature to the Dunedin Heritage Precinct. A main feature of the build is the roof design which is based off other heritage saw tooth roofs. The bespoke windows which wrap the apartment give the effect that the roof is floating.

Close consultation with the architect and engineer from an early stage ensured that the windows would comply with spans for the wind load. Consideration also needed to be made for acoustic insulation and the installation details, as with the soffit lining up with the glass line, there needed to be allowance for any deglazing in the future if need be. Thermal efficiency of the windows is taken care of with the use of high-performance thermally broken frames by Metro Thermal Heart and Low-E Xcel double glazing.

Fabrication of these bespoke windows had to be done on-site. Cutting and fitting each frame member to follow the angles of the slopping ceiling while also continuously following around the building. Once fabrication was complete 56 templates needed to be made for each individual double-glazed unit to be ordered and made. The glass needed to be millimetre perfect as each piece had multiple angles and silicon butt joints. The glass needed to be craned into place and every single unit fitted directly into the frames as they should.

Looking at the finished project the windows are doing exactly what was intended. They seamlessly disappear into the roof line which shows off the bold and magnificent design of the roof. It has been said that it is a masterpiece jewellery on top of the building.

This apartment was featured on Season 6 of Grand Designs NZ you can read more about it here.

Take a 360 degree virtual tour here.

The Windows & Doors

  • Low E Xcel Double Glazing
  • Miro Colour Matched Hardware
  • Metro Thermal Heart
  • APL Architectural
Type: Residential Location: Dunedin
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