Waikawa Home

This beautiful home designed by Tim Barton Architect is warmer and healthier than your standard home while also creating interesting spaces to live in and enjoy. Built by John Thompson Builders who aim to build healthier homes that are affordable whilst decreasing the impact on our environment, this Formance home ticks all the boxes.

Wood is the feature of this home; you can smell the timber when you step inside. With no GIB or MDF moulding in the house it makes the most of plywood, pine, recycled Kauri, recycled Rimu and Macrocarpa. The exterior is clad with clear band sawn pine weatherboard, a good looking, simple and economic alternative to cedar and contrasts nicely with the Silver Pearl aluminium joinery.

Large fixed pane windows with top opening are a feature of the living space allowing for city views and sunlight. While this was a challenging project due to the site contour and being located in a very high wind zone the aluminium joinery was able to be completed within the budget.

The Windows & Doors

  • Altherm Residential Series
  • Altherm Metro Series
  • APL Architectural Series
  • Urbo Hardware
  • Large Icon Lever Handle for the Entrance Door
  • Toughened clear double glazing
  • Selected windows upgraded to Low E Plus

Type: Residential Location: Nelson Colour: Silver Pearl Joinery Type: Altherm Metro Series, Altherm Residential Series, APL Architectural Series
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